Vladimir Sorokin’s ‘Anti-Literature’: the Reader as the Target for Trolling

The article is dedicated to the analysis of Vladimir Sorokin’s works of fiction created at the turn of the XX–XXI centuries. The key philological emphasis of the paper is the category of intratextual author and interactive potential of the works of literature created by this contradictory modern writer. The issues of the coexistence of different reader generations in the 1990s and the changes in the literary process of the specified period are given special attention to.

A Modern Reader of a News Website

The article characterizes a modern reader of a news website which allows anyone to leave comments or post their own text.

Writer – Reader – Critic on the Internet

The purpose of the article is to show how and by what means the Internet has influenced the correlation of the concepts ‘author’, ‘reader’, and ‘critic’ in the modern literary process.

Vladimir Nabokov, the Author of Don Quixote

The article analyzes the metareflection on Cervantes’s Don Quixote in Nabokov’s Lectures, draws an analogy between Nabokov’s Despair, Pnin and Cervantes’s Don Quixote. Such a form of Nabokov’s literary criticism as playing Don Quixote is considered.

The Problem of Perception Online Text by Reader

The article shows how and why the role and the portrait of modern Internet reader are being transformed.