The article discusses theoretical and research issues of differentiation of the national language by the example of regional variants of the French language of France.

Accentual Structure of English Utterances Containing Synonyms and Hyponyms (Language Contact and Language Interference Study)

The article discusses the phonetic research of phrasal accent position in the English utterances containing synonyms and hyponyms in the English speech of the Mexican and Russian learners of English. The description of erratic realizations in non-native English speech and the results of perception experiment with native American subjects’ participation are presented.

Headlining Strategies of Modern Texts: Entitling in Poetry and Naming in Advertising

In this article are described some artistically-linguistic strategies of entitling (in poetry) and naming (in advertising) marking a tendency to the activization of aesthetic function in the advertising text and contributing to the presentation of goods as the topical advertising aim.

On the Phenomenon of Phonetic Interference as a Result of Bilingualism in the Territorial Variant of Texan English (Based on the Recordings of Texan Spanish-Speaking People’s Songs)

This article studies some phonetic features of the territorial variant of Texan English which are caused by the bilingual situation developing in Texas under the influence of Hispanic variant of Spanish. The examples of words with specific vowels and consonant changes are given in the article.