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The Motive of Fear in A. Slapovsky’s Novel Encoded, or The First Eight Chapters

The article analyzes the motive of fear in Aleksey Slapovsky’s novel Encoded. This motive permeates the whole novel and essentially becomes the key one for the plot development. The struggle with the subconscious fears of the character and of the author is considered. This struggle results in a multiple re-writing of the selfsame story.

A Word about the Author

The experience of a dictionary entry ‘Author’ offered here provides essential help in mastering the course of “Introduction into Literary Studies” and deals with the meanings of one of the key notions of philology. Some general ideas are presented: of the author as a biographic individual, of the author as the creator of a literary text, of the implicit author, and of the two approaches outlined in the XX century to the issue of the reader and author relationship.