English borrowings in modern Russian. On the problem of linguistic tolerance

The article studies English borrowings in modern Russian. One of the main factors of borrowing is globalization which resulted in closer cooperation between countries at the turn of the centuries. One of the central problems of sociolinguistics is exponentially intensive interrelation of languages in the modern world. The predictions of perspectives and evaluation of its results for the Russian language have been changing during the last several decades.

Special Features of Quebec French In the Context of Franco-Quebec Endoglossic Situation

The article reviews a new book Le français québécois entre réalité et idéologie. Un autre regard sur la langue (Quebec French: Between Reality and Ideology. Another Take on the Language) by Lionel Meney, a Canadian linguist. The author discusses the question of how the two variants of French – the Quebec French and the French of France – co-exist on the territory of modern Quebec. L.

English Borrowings in the Written Variant of French (on the Example of IT Terminology)

The article is devoted to the study of French IT English loan words, their adaptation and different ways of integration in the French language. The article contains the data of the research on the frequency of IT English loan words usage that is the main way of IT terminology enrichment in the development of the modern French.