Literary Life of 1920–1922 on the Pages of the Newspaper Izvestiya VZIK (All-Russian Central Executive Committee News)

In the article literary life of the Soviet Russia of the years 1920-1922 is analyzed as it was reflected in the newspaper Izvestiya VZIK (All-Russian Central Executive Committee). The main components of this life are investigated, literary soirees, formation of new literary organizations and institutions, literary competitions, and writers’ names among them.

Literary Materials in the Newspaper Izvestiya VZIK in the 1920–1923

The article presents the analysis of literary materials published on the pages of the newspaper Izvestiya VZIK (All-Russian Central Executive Committee News) in the 1920–1923, which give an understanding of the requirements imposed on the reader, writer, critic, literary work; the article focuses on the works by P. S. Kogan and A. V. Lunacharsky.

Interaction Between Literary and Newspaper Discourses in the Context of 1920s

The article analyzes the deformations of boundaries between literary and newspaper texts which took place in the 1920s. The paper identifies reasons and consequences of the levelling of boundaries between the two kinds of verbal art. The research is based on the published and archival works of V. P. Polonsky and pages of the magazine Pechat’ i Revolutziya (Press and Revolution).