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Prokofyeva L. P. SYNESTHESIA IN THE MODERN SCIENTIFIC PARADIGM. Izvestiya of Saratov University. Philology. Journalism, 2010, vol. 10, iss. 1, pp. 3-?.

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The article gives an overview of modern definitions of synaesthesia, analyzes the methodology for investigating the phenomenon, proposes a classification based on a combination of linguistic, psychological, and cultural approaches.


1 Yu.S. Stepanov, for example, interprets it as co-
there is no about the universe: "Alpha, A - a symbol of darkness and matter,
which, by gradations, gives way to light and spirit. AT
Omega, O - the upper light. From alpha to omega - "pyramid-
yes "light": Stepanov Yu.S. In three-dimensional space
language: Semiotic problems of linguistics philo-
Sophia art. M., 1985. P. 85.
2 Our translation - L.P. Cit. by: Marks L. On colored-hearing
synesthesia: cross-modal translations of sensory dimensions
// Psychological Bulletin. 1975. Vol. 82, No. 3. P. 51.
3 Uznadze D.N. General psychology. M .; SPb., 2004. With. 194.
4 Ibid. C. 196.
5 Galeev B.M. Synaesthesia is not an anomaly, but a manifestation
non-verbal thinking // Science Languages ​​-
kusstva. M., 2000. P. 19. B.M. Galeev (1939-2009) more
For 40 years he headed first the SKB, then the Research Institute "Prometheus"
in the Kazan Aviation Institute (now - KSTU.
A.N. Tupolev). Unfortunately, after the death of a scientist
a "reorganization" of the research institute, in fact,
that has lived this unique scientific institution

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