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Suvorov A. A. Blogosphere as a Literary Environment: a «Digital» Reader of Evgeny Grishkovets. News of Saratov University. New Series. Ser. Studies of Language and Literature. Journalism, 2016, vol. 16, iss. 2, pp. 211-?. DOI:

Blogosphere as a Literary Environment: a «Digital» Reader of Evgeny Grishkovets

The article considers literary texts and diary entries Evgeny Grishkovets which establish close links between the World wide web and the forms of traditional literary publication. Pieces of literature created by the popular writer and blogger in the context of social networks designate significant trends and features of the Russian literary process of the beginning of the XXIst century. Philological analysis is focused on the problem of the reader (categories of the «real reader» and the «implicit reader») in the works by Evgeny Grishkovets.


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