Scientific section. Literary criticism

Lyrical Triptych «Petropolis» by O. E. Mandelstam: Textual Criticism and Poetics

The article focuses on one of the little-researched author’s edition of a cycle of poems «Petropolis» and shows that in the form of a triptych it has an inherent artistic value. The analysis demonstrates the birth process of the individual poetic myth and the synthesis of various levels of meaning.

«It’s a Family Affair – we’ll Settle it Ourselves» Ostrovsky and «Tartyuf or the Deceiver» Moliere: Dramatic Nature of Action, Characters

In the given article the genre comparative typological analysis of the two satirical masterpieces – the French and Russian classical literature, is carried out. Similarities and distinctions on the basis of the analysis of dynamics of the plot and character logical lines according to Classicism (Moliere) and Realism poetics (Ostrovsky) come to light.

A. F. Pisemskiy as a Critic. the Article on the «Hidden Rock» by M. V. Avdeev and Pisemskiy’s Views on the «Woman Question»

In the article Pisemskiy’s attitude to women’s emancipation, considered by his contemporaries as one of the central topics of his creative works, is analyzed as part and parcel of artistic images and critical declarations.

Self-interpretation and the Search of the «Inner Person» in «Selected Passages from the Correspondence with Friends» by N. V. Gogol

This paper is based on self-interpretation analysis of «Selected passages from correspondence with friends» by N. V. Gogol and shows that the dialectics of the religious and the aesthetic in the discourse of confession about oneself is associated with the author’s concept of «inner» person.

Fairy Archetypes in Gogol’s Novel «The Overcoat»

В статье с точки зрения дифференцирующей функции границы анализируются сказочные архетипы в повести Гоголя «Шинель». Предпринята попытка сопоставления персонажей и сюжетов сказок и «Шинели» на основе проведения между ними границы.

Irish Sagas as a National Prototype of the Modern English Short Story

In the article Irish sagas are analyzed as a source defining national originality of the development of the short story genre in Great Britain. Specific aesthetic features of the sagas, allowing to consider them the short story predecessors, are revealed through the prism of oral and written tradition synthesis.

Noblewoman’s Fate in Sisters’ Mancini Memoirs and the Problem of Social Risks

The article deals with the problem of social risks related to the status of a noblewoman in French society in the second half of the 17th century on the material of the memoirs by Hortense and Marie Mancini; writing memoirs is regarded as a means of decreasing these risks.

On the Risk Zones in Interdisciplinary Research

The article deals with the problematic marginal zones of philological research. Risk zones related to the object, research methods, and terminology of interdisciplinary paradigm of humanities are shown.

Risks of Argument and the Speech Genre of Collaborative Search of Agreement

The nature of argument itself inclines us towards an involuntary concentration on proving that we are right. Speech genre of collaborative search of agreement presupposes solving a different communicative task. The main condition of the solution is being naturally predisposed in favour of the interlocutor, and exerting oneself to be ready – for the sake of achieving mutual understanding – to make probable reasonable concessions to another participant of search initiatives.

B. A. Vasilyev’s Idea of History and its Realisation in the Novel «Prince Svyatoslav»

The author investigates B. A. Vasilyev’s idea of history, the devices used for its artistic realization and reveals genre features of the novel «Prince Svyatoslav».