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A. N. Radischev’s Personality and Creative Work in A. P. Skaftymov’s Perception

A. P. Skaftymov’s article «On the style of “The Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow” by A. N. Radischev» is regarded as one of the most significant works about the book of this author. The methodological basis of the research and the specific character of A. P. Skaftymov’s attitude to the formal method in literary criticism are observed. The conclusions are drawn on how up-to-date the ideas of the scientist are for contemporary science.


A. P. Skaftymov’s Letters to N. M. Chernyshevskaya of the 1920-1940s (on the Materials of the N. G. Chernyshevskiy Museum).

The article views the letters of A. P. Skaftymov to N. M. Chernyshevskaya of the 1920-1940s from the N. G. Chernyshevskiy museum stock. Different connections of the two scientists are covered, the details of A. P. Skaftymov’s studying the life and creative works of N. G. Chernyshevskiy, his participation in the activities of the museum, that in those years was a certain center of developing and promoting the writer’s literary heritage. 

A. P. Skaftymov’s Letters to P. N. Sakulin

In this article five letters (dated1924-1929) of A. P. Skaftymov to the literary critic and academicianP.N.Sakulin are published for the first time.

А. P. Skaftymov and Yu. G. Oksman: the Antinomy of Characters

The article offers the contrastive comparison of two figures of humanitarian culture unique in their scientific methods and especially in their personalities and characters. The author relies on the correspondence materials of the two scientists and on a wide circle of sources published in recent years.

Radiotelephony as a Special Type of Institutional Discourse

The paper analyzes radiotelephony from the point of view of institutional discourse. Its specific features, which distinguish it from any other kind of institutional discourse, are analyzed.

The Specific Character of Detail-Based Person Nominations Functioning in Modern Mass Media Speech

The article is dedicated to the functioning of detail-based person nominations in modern mass media. The materials of our work are newspaper articles and TV speeches. The article focuses on such points as typology questions and lexico-semantic structure of standard detail-based person nominations, the role of color use in their formation.

Transformation of Phraseological Units as a Manifestation of a Journalist’s Idiostyle

The article reveals the dependence of phraseological unit transformation on the author’s written style; the frequency, types of phraseological transformations and their stylistic functions are compared in the idiostyles of Russian and German journalists.

Interaction of Expression and Standard in Phraseological UNITS (Based on Newspaper Headlines)

The article is devoted to the problem of researching the phraseological units transformation patterns in modern newspaper headlines. The study focuses on the typology of phraseological modifications depending on the linguistic means used in the transformation process. The proportion of standard and expressive components of a modified phraseological unit is examined.

Mentefact «Massif» in Russian and German National Discourses

In the article the discourse representation of the mentefact massif is analyzed on the material of the text corpuses of the Russian and German languages; structure and content as well as communicative and discursive characteristics of this mental unit are revealed.

Concept LABOUR and its Representatives in the English Language Idioms

The article deals with the research of the concept labour in the traditional world picture of the English language. This concept has a layered structure. The informative (notional) zone of the concept is to a large degree predetermined by its lexical representatives within the idioms, and the evaluative zone helps to reveal the attitude of the linguistic community to this phenomenon.