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The article is dedicated to the books:

Герасимова Л. Е. Пунктирная линия  жизни: сб. ст. Саратов: Изд-во Сарат. ун-та, 2018. 208 с.

Рискогенность современной коммуникации и роль коммуникативной компетентности в ее преодолении / А. Н. Байкулова [и др.]; под ред. О. Б. Сиротининой и М. А. Кормилицыной. Саратов: Изд-во Сарат. ун-та, 2015. 188 с.

Forms and Functions of Media Criticism in the Soviet Russia of the 1920s

The article specifies the foundations necessary for the media criticism to appear and develop. On the material of the national press Zhurnalist (Journalist), Izvestia (News), Pravda (Truth), Pechat i Revolutsiya (Press and Revolution) the formation of the journalist criticism of the 1920s is shown against the background of the Soviet journalism principles being established; its link with the literary criticism, features of a media criticism statement and its functions are indicated.

Postmodernist or Neorealist? Literary Criticism of the 1990s of A. Slapovsky’s Oeuvre

A. Slapovsky’s prose cannot fit the clearly defined frame the critics and literary scholars try to set. The article considers their attempts to characterize the writer’s oeuvre, special emphasis is placed on the arguments about the author belonging to the postmodern or neorealist movements.


The article by S. Artemenko is dedicated to «History of media criticism: Results and prospects of work on the project» (06.12.2016, The Institute of Philology and Journalism, Saratov State University).

On the Contradictions of the Term ‘Method of Dialectic Materialism’ in the History of Literary Criticism

The contradictions of the term ‘method of dialectic materialism’ are shown. The information about the most important discussions in the sphere of the method of literary criticism is provided.

Presentation of the Book

The article is dedicated to the books:
Русский язык и культура речи (базовые компетенции). Красноярск, 2015. 516 с.
Большой универсальный словарь русского языка. М., 2016. 1456 с.
Эпоха «Великого перелома» в истории культуры: сборник научных статей. Саратов, 2015. 496 с.

The Fiction and Reality Relationship in the Literary Criticism of the New Journals of the Second Half of the 1990s

The literary critics of the second half of the 1990s who analyzed the evolution of the literary process can be split into two groups: traditionalists who stood up for the dominance of fiction in poetry and prose, and those who supported non-fiction.

Leonid Andreev’s Oeuvre in the Evaluation of Russkiy Vestnik (The Russian Bulletin)

The article considers the attitudes of N. M. Sokolov and N. Ya. Stechkin – the leading critics of the journal Russkiy Vestnik in 1902–1906 – to the oeuvre of Leonid Andreev and to its place in the readers’ minds. The article shows to what extent the critical evaluations depended on the topics unfolded in the author’s works.